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18 May 2007 @ 11:09 am
We're not in Kansas anymore...  
So, that's it, up front's week it's over, and me, I'm so freaking sad!!, ok I know many of my faves are big hits and there's no way they're gonna be ending anytime soon (LOST, Grey's, HEROES), but what about the great shows they cancelled? First GG, I know this wasn't much a network decision but te stars' but it sucks either way!!, but hey I've made my peace with that one...then on monday, even though I was pretty sure it was not going to get picked up, I was sooo sad to see Studio 60 gone! I just hope the remaining episodes are as good as the other ones, then ABC which for me is the best network and always has been, kept all the series I like and got me a little excited about "Pushing Daisies", I think I'm gonna like that one...Then on wednesday, CBS a network I don't really watch a lot, (except for CSI), the only show I liked a bit was The Class, but there was no way that was coming back, so I didn't really cared much...And finally The CW & FOX, from the latter I pretty much only watched the O.C. and American Idol and sometimes House MD, but the first one has been gone for a while and I thing it was fair since it didn't live up to the fans expectations, the second It's such a hit I don¡t think it'll die anytime soon, (I think it should though) sooner or later people are gonna get bored of the same singing competition...but let's talk about The CW...What the HELL? ok you're not that big a network and cancelling a show with suc a fan base as VM is not wise...to bring what some beuty pageant and a farmer who wants a wife...not cool! Ok, I'm glad to see OTH and Supernatural back for another season, but seriuosly?? no GG or VM tuesday's are gonna suck! I only hope Gossip Girl is good, I've read the books and they're ok, let's see how good is it...but I'm soo mad for VM's departure...I'm glad I've been saving up this season, I'ts silly I know but at least I've got more than one episode left...

So those are my thoughts...my review are under the cut...


A good episode, not the best so far, but I'm really excited about next week's finale...I'm pretty sure it's gonna rock, but I'm also sure It's gonna leave wanting to kill myself until it comes back in fall...I just really hope Charlie makes it, he's not my favorite charachter but he's a main piece of the show!! But at this point, with all we've seen, he might not survive!


It was just OK, surprisingly I'm not liking this season very much, and really it's not just the Leyton (since I'm a beig Brucas fan), it's just it doesn't feel like the old OTH anymore, and it's been one of my favorites since it started so I'm just sad...I'm excited about next year's changes though, and I would never...no matter what happens, stop watching this show...it's like a religion to me...


It was a good season finale, but why the hell did Sam had to die? Now Dean's in trouble he's made the frekin deal and that just sucks! I was glad to see Daddy Winchester back from hell to fight the demon, that was funny and a little ironic too, but hey that's TV right? It was good...

Grey's Anatomy:

God I love this show! I'm sooo not ready to wait 4 months till it comes back! But there's not much I can do there so...The finale was good, I know they have to make something to put Meredith's relationship with Derek on the rocks but I still hate it...the wedding stuff was so sad...Cristina truly broke my heart...and George failing his test was the worse...and with all the rumors about T.R. leaving that just sucks! I really hope he doesn't leave...he's Gerge for crying out loud! he cannot leave...If Burke leaves it's not as bog a shock as if geroge does, so if the rumors are true I hope is Wahignton the one who's leaving...Looking forward to Addison's spin-off I hope it does well...and the stuff with Mer's half sister I'm sure's gonna be good...can't wait till fall is here!
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42lullabies on May 19th, 2007 08:44 am (UTC)
What's that Gossip Girl everyone's talking about? You reckon it's any good?
Annaisabella212 on May 19th, 2007 05:10 pm (UTC)
Well I hope so...Gossip Girl is a series of teenage drama novels, it's about rich kids living in Manhattan, I read the books a while ago like five years or so, but I really liked them back then, and with Josh Schwartz (OC creator) in it is getting some buzz...we'll have to wait and see...