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20 April 2007 @ 07:07 pm
First Post...(again!)  
So this is my first real post since I'm back, so I'm gonna talk about tv a little bit...

So all my shows have been great, even though I haven't really had time to watch tv this past months I gave myself sometime and I've finally catch up with all of them, and they're a lot! Anyway, I'm just gonna talk a bit about my favs...LOST has been soooo awesome lately, maybe it's just me but this is the best season so far, I'm really enjoying it, I can wait til the end of the season, I'm sure it'll be awesome...GREYS is as always great, you know what I love bout that show? It is never boring! It's like my new FRIENDS it's the one series that I can be sure won't ever have an ep which I won't love, and I'm really looking forward to the Addison's spinoff, she's one of my fav charachters, and Taye Diggs will be on it that is great! But before she leaves I'm really hoping for some Addisex!!! I just love Addison and Alex together!, BROS&SIS has been surprisingly good, I never thought I would love that series, but is really good, and god I Love Rob Lowe!!, HEROES & OTH I just can't wait till they're back, HEROES is coming back next monday and there's still 2 weeks before OTH comes back! Damn!, Surprisingly, again, I'm hooked on AI, I'm really ejoying this season, I really hope either Jordin or Blake wins, I also like Melinda and Chris R, finally Sanjaya is out, he was not a good singer, and unlike most people I'm not a huge LaKisha fan, she's nice, but I just like other people better...Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Super Natural, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, House and CSI have been ok, and I really miss STUDIO 60, seriusly is it ever coming back? Now I've lost all my hopes for a 2 season, but I very much wanna see the 1 end!

So that's it for now, later I'm gonna post something about how my life has been lately!
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Current Music: Anyway --- Martina McBride