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16 January 2007 @ 02:11 pm
Golden Globes Opinion  
So the Golden Globes were celebrated yesterday and I have some comments:

First Yay! Babel! such an awesome movie!! It soo deserved to win so good for them! but I would've loved if Gonzalez Inarritu won best director as well, I mean sure Scorsese is awesome, and the Departed was great, but we know that already! They should give awards to different people once in a while!

Forest Whitaker best actor! who saw that coming?? I didn't, I would've like Leo to take it, but it's good that other actors are being recognized, last year Seymour Hoffman and this year Whitaker...

Then Dreamgirls, not so sure, I would've prefered if either Little Miss Sunshine or Borat took it, but hey good for Baron Cohen he deserved it, he was hialrious in Borat!
Meryl Streep again! seriuosly, I know she's good, and I love her, but will she ever stop getting awards?

I don't think Cars deserved the honor, Happy Feet was a better movie, or even Flushed Away which wasn't even nominated, but hey it's pixar and disney, they have to take it.

Now on to TV my strong subject!!

Grey's Anatomy WON!! you have no idea how happy that makes me...finally it gets some recognition, and in such a hard category, for me it's not much of a drama, I would've put it in Comedy, but anyhow, it had a difficult run against shows like LOST or 24, or even HEROES which is the new hit of the season, not to forget HBO's BigLove which is a good show as well, and let's face it HBO always gets the awards! but hey the got it and they deserved it...yay!!

Hugh Laurie best actor, even though I'm not a huge HOUSE fan, I know when an actor has talent and hey this guy is gooood!! so good for him!, I'm just sad for Patrick Dempsey, but I knew he wouldn't take it!

UGLY BETTY, what a huge night for them! I'm haven't really watched it, but it must be good, everybody's talking about it and it hasn't even finished it's first season and is already getting awards, srta like LOST and Desperate Housewives, both great shows, and then America Ferrara won best actress! good for her, I thought it would be Marcia Cross or Mary Louise Parker, but no, I was surprised!

So that's pretty much it, I hate Brad Pitt and Angelina together! they are so obnoxious! I hated their red carpet interview, ugh!! Reese Whitherspoon looked nice, Patrick Dempsey was gorgeous as usual and I loved Courtney Cox and David Arquette presenting!! and Mathew Perry and some of the Studio 60 cast were there(I was sad Sarah Paulson didn't take the award), oh and I miss my FRIENDS cast in this kind of awards!

So there my humble opinion!
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