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18 May 2007 @ 11:09 am
So, that's it, up front's week it's over, and me, I'm so freaking sad!!, ok I know many of my faves are big hits and there's no way they're gonna be ending anytime soon (LOST, Grey's, HEROES), but what about the great shows they cancelled? First GG, I know this wasn't much a network decision but te stars' but it sucks either way!!, but hey I've made my peace with that one...then on monday, even though I was pretty sure it was not going to get picked up, I was sooo sad to see Studio 60 gone! I just hope the remaining episodes are as good as the other ones, then ABC which for me is the best network and always has been, kept all the series I like and got me a little excited about "Pushing Daisies", I think I'm gonna like that one...Then on wednesday, CBS a network I don't really watch a lot, (except for CSI), the only show I liked a bit was The Class, but there was no way that was coming back, so I didn't really cared much...And finally The CW & FOX, from the latter I pretty much only watched the O.C. and American Idol and sometimes House MD, but the first one has been gone for a while and I thing it was fair since it didn't live up to the fans expectations, the second It's such a hit I don¡t think it'll die anytime soon, (I think it should though) sooner or later people are gonna get bored of the same singing competition...but let's talk about The CW...What the HELL? ok you're not that big a network and cancelling a show with suc a fan base as VM is not wise...to bring what some beuty pageant and a farmer who wants a wife...not cool! Ok, I'm glad to see OTH and Supernatural back for another season, but seriuosly?? no GG or VM tuesday's are gonna suck! I only hope Gossip Girl is good, I've read the books and they're ok, let's see how good is it...but I'm soo mad for VM's departure...I'm glad I've been saving up this season, I'ts silly I know but at least I've got more than one episode left...

So those are my thoughts...my review are under the cut...

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16 May 2007 @ 04:43 pm
So after a while (again) I haven't post anything, so this is what I've decided, Im gonna use this journal to post my thoughts and reviews I have about: TV, movies, music or books, that's my goal now, and since I'm a big TV junkie I asume I'm gonna be posting here a bit more often, so yesterday was Tuesday, here are my thoughts:

Gilmore Gilrs:

Series Finale!! OMG I still can't believe it's true, I'm a huge fan of that show, I've been a loyal follower ever since it started back in 2000, I've watche each and every episode since the beginning, so after FRIENDS which is my all time fave! This has been the saddest series finale ver, not because of the plotline but for me, it even beats alias (not only because alias' last season sucked!) because I loved it more! Lorelai Gilmore is one of my favorite charachters ever...(Elphaba goes first of course!), so is really sad to think that I won't have anything to look forward for on tuesday, (veronica mars is about to be canceled or so it seems...)

So about the episode, a nice epi not a nice finale...too much stuff left in the open, LL needed so much more screen time than they got (together I mean), I understand that this show was about mother & daughter, so that's what sucks about it being cancelled without previous notice...not enough time! maybe a 2 hour finale would've been better...Rory and Logan what the F#@!K??? that was it, no Logan in the finale?? that's just sad...they were so great together!

It was nice to see the whole time cheering for Rory and the scenes with Emily and Richard were nice, I loveeed the Lane/Rory scene, but not quite the finale a hoped for...and what about Amy Sherman-Palladino's finale last four words, will we ever know?? It's just sooo sad!

American Idol:

It was ok, I loved Blake singing "This Love" that song is perfect for him, I'm still rooting for Jordin though, she's my fave, then blake and then Melinda who is great also, I like the three of them, which is sooo rare for me, anyway I'm pretty sure Melinda's gonna win it, I just wish Jordin would, I'm crossing my fingers!!

I didn't watch VM, I tivoed it, I'm not even sure if the episode was new, I've been kinda behind with that show, I have like 4 episodes recorder in mi Tivo so as soon as I watch them I'll have a review....

In other subject, I'm sooo excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that I'm reading the whole series yet again! I'm about to finish the 1 book, gosh they're such great books, I'm loving them all over again!!

So that's it for now, oh and I've changed my layout again!
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20 April 2007 @ 07:07 pm
So this is my first real post since I'm back, so I'm gonna talk about tv a little bit...

So all my shows have been great, even though I haven't really had time to watch tv this past months I gave myself sometime and I've finally catch up with all of them, and they're a lot! Anyway, I'm just gonna talk a bit about my favs...LOST has been soooo awesome lately, maybe it's just me but this is the best season so far, I'm really enjoying it, I can wait til the end of the season, I'm sure it'll be awesome...GREYS is as always great, you know what I love bout that show? It is never boring! It's like my new FRIENDS it's the one series that I can be sure won't ever have an ep which I won't love, and I'm really looking forward to the Addison's spinoff, she's one of my fav charachters, and Taye Diggs will be on it that is great! But before she leaves I'm really hoping for some Addisex!!! I just love Addison and Alex together!, BROS&SIS has been surprisingly good, I never thought I would love that series, but is really good, and god I Love Rob Lowe!!, HEROES & OTH I just can't wait till they're back, HEROES is coming back next monday and there's still 2 weeks before OTH comes back! Damn!, Surprisingly, again, I'm hooked on AI, I'm really ejoying this season, I really hope either Jordin or Blake wins, I also like Melinda and Chris R, finally Sanjaya is out, he was not a good singer, and unlike most people I'm not a huge LaKisha fan, she's nice, but I just like other people better...Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Super Natural, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, House and CSI have been ok, and I really miss STUDIO 60, seriusly is it ever coming back? Now I've lost all my hopes for a 2 season, but I very much wanna see the 1 end!

So that's it for now, later I'm gonna post something about how my life has been lately!
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16 April 2007 @ 11:33 pm
Hey...so all the bad stuff has passed...spring break was great and I think I'm ready to start posting here again, school's almost over, so I'll be havin tons of time, and it really helps me out to post all my thoughts and feelings here, so, for those of you whi care, (who knows maybe there's still someone out there who remebers me) I'm back...
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06 March 2007 @ 09:01 pm
So, I've been so busy lately I almost never use the internet, only for things that I need, but I haven't been making any artwork, or checking my LJ communities and Friends pages, or using msn, or just surfing the internet for that matter...I'm taking some time off for myself! So, in case anyone was wondering that's it, I hope to be back to my regular internet activities soon, but first I have to fix somethings that have been going around with my life...

Hope to see you back soon...and keep it up!
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08 February 2007 @ 09:25 pm
So It's been a while since the last time I wrote anything, I've just been really busy, I haven't got anytime to update...school's been crazy lately...so I hope to have more time to post as soon as my exams are over...

Just wanted to post something...I'm still alive...
22 January 2007 @ 11:03 pm
So I was feeling creative and I made the Studio 60 banner, and it seemed to be time to change my layout a bit...so that's that...I have a new Layout!!
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22 January 2007 @ 12:14 am
So nothing much has really been going on qith me, just the usual, you know what? I came to realize my life is boring! I live in the same routine day after day, week after week, somehow I'm missing last year's drama...This year has gone just to good! School is great, my BF has been sooo nice lately, we haven't have a major fight since we got back together, and everything is cool with my family...so I have literally nothing interesting to talk about!

Well since my life doesn't have anything major to talk about, I have to stick with my usual subject: TV and Movies...

I just watched Little Miss Sunshine this morning, is just such a cute movie! so funny too, I love every character, except maybe the Grandpa he just makes me nervous, anyway it's an awesome movie! I also went to the movies to see Rocky Balboa, not because I wanted but because they made me! anyway is not as bad as I tought it would be, it has nothing to do with the original Rocky, but I liked it better than Rocky 5, but now they should really stop it! 6 is enough! I would've stopped in the 4th one...

I'm thrilled because Studio 60 and Heroes come back tomorrow! both had an awesome fall finale...and this week also Gilmore Girls and VM wil premiere, so I have something to look forward too! The Studio 60 promo is amazing, I'm obsessed with the song they used, it's just awesome!! I think the band is from Australia, they're called wish and the song title is "Faith Alive", it took me a while to find it but now I have it and I can't seen to stop listening!!

So that's pretty much it!
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16 January 2007 @ 02:11 pm
So the Golden Globes were celebrated yesterday and I have some comments:

First Yay! Babel! such an awesome movie!! It soo deserved to win so good for them! but I would've loved if Gonzalez Inarritu won best director as well, I mean sure Scorsese is awesome, and the Departed was great, but we know that already! They should give awards to different people once in a while!

Forest Whitaker best actor! who saw that coming?? I didn't, I would've like Leo to take it, but it's good that other actors are being recognized, last year Seymour Hoffman and this year Whitaker...

Then Dreamgirls, not so sure, I would've prefered if either Little Miss Sunshine or Borat took it, but hey good for Baron Cohen he deserved it, he was hialrious in Borat!
Meryl Streep again! seriuosly, I know she's good, and I love her, but will she ever stop getting awards?

I don't think Cars deserved the honor, Happy Feet was a better movie, or even Flushed Away which wasn't even nominated, but hey it's pixar and disney, they have to take it.

Now on to TV my strong subject!!

Grey's Anatomy WON!! you have no idea how happy that makes me...finally it gets some recognition, and in such a hard category, for me it's not much of a drama, I would've put it in Comedy, but anyhow, it had a difficult run against shows like LOST or 24, or even HEROES which is the new hit of the season, not to forget HBO's BigLove which is a good show as well, and let's face it HBO always gets the awards! but hey the got it and they deserved it...yay!!

Hugh Laurie best actor, even though I'm not a huge HOUSE fan, I know when an actor has talent and hey this guy is gooood!! so good for him!, I'm just sad for Patrick Dempsey, but I knew he wouldn't take it!

UGLY BETTY, what a huge night for them! I'm haven't really watched it, but it must be good, everybody's talking about it and it hasn't even finished it's first season and is already getting awards, srta like LOST and Desperate Housewives, both great shows, and then America Ferrara won best actress! good for her, I thought it would be Marcia Cross or Mary Louise Parker, but no, I was surprised!

So that's pretty much it, I hate Brad Pitt and Angelina together! they are so obnoxious! I hated their red carpet interview, ugh!! Reese Whitherspoon looked nice, Patrick Dempsey was gorgeous as usual and I loved Courtney Cox and David Arquette presenting!! and Mathew Perry and some of the Studio 60 cast were there(I was sad Sarah Paulson didn't take the award), oh and I miss my FRIENDS cast in this kind of awards!

So there my humble opinion!
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07 January 2007 @ 09:02 pm
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