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16 May 2007 @ 04:43 pm
Bye Bye Gilmore Girls!  
So after a while (again) I haven't post anything, so this is what I've decided, Im gonna use this journal to post my thoughts and reviews I have about: TV, movies, music or books, that's my goal now, and since I'm a big TV junkie I asume I'm gonna be posting here a bit more often, so yesterday was Tuesday, here are my thoughts:

Gilmore Gilrs:

Series Finale!! OMG I still can't believe it's true, I'm a huge fan of that show, I've been a loyal follower ever since it started back in 2000, I've watche each and every episode since the beginning, so after FRIENDS which is my all time fave! This has been the saddest series finale ver, not because of the plotline but for me, it even beats alias (not only because alias' last season sucked!) because I loved it more! Lorelai Gilmore is one of my favorite charachters ever...(Elphaba goes first of course!), so is really sad to think that I won't have anything to look forward for on tuesday, (veronica mars is about to be canceled or so it seems...)

So about the episode, a nice epi not a nice finale...too much stuff left in the open, LL needed so much more screen time than they got (together I mean), I understand that this show was about mother & daughter, so that's what sucks about it being cancelled without previous notice...not enough time! maybe a 2 hour finale would've been better...Rory and Logan what the F#@!K??? that was it, no Logan in the finale?? that's just sad...they were so great together!

It was nice to see the whole time cheering for Rory and the scenes with Emily and Richard were nice, I loveeed the Lane/Rory scene, but not quite the finale a hoped for...and what about Amy Sherman-Palladino's finale last four words, will we ever know?? It's just sooo sad!

American Idol:

It was ok, I loved Blake singing "This Love" that song is perfect for him, I'm still rooting for Jordin though, she's my fave, then blake and then Melinda who is great also, I like the three of them, which is sooo rare for me, anyway I'm pretty sure Melinda's gonna win it, I just wish Jordin would, I'm crossing my fingers!!

I didn't watch VM, I tivoed it, I'm not even sure if the episode was new, I've been kinda behind with that show, I have like 4 episodes recorder in mi Tivo so as soon as I watch them I'll have a review....

In other subject, I'm sooo excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that I'm reading the whole series yet again! I'm about to finish the 1 book, gosh they're such great books, I'm loving them all over again!!

So that's it for now, oh and I've changed my layout again!
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